I’m lacking support. Over the years I have tucked myself into a highly woven cocoon of friendship and wisdom and giggles and understanding. And it has always been there for me when I need it the most. And these last few weeks, I have defo needed it the most, but my cocoon has unraveled at the moment.

Three of my closest friends are all going through such exhausting times themselves right now. Loss. Hard decisions. Career changes. And for me to be a good friend, I need to allow them the time and space to focus on themselves, even though I am longing for us to be “normal” again. It’s to the point that we aren’t even sharing our normally goofy, daily texts about embarrassing moments and guys with beards and natural living. We are each respecting one another’s privacy and the space they need right now.

So this has given me a lot of time to ponder this. How come the world has brought us together and nurtured our friendship, for us to only now, in our greatest times of need, not have one another to rely on? Doesn’t that seem cruel?

But I quickly answered that for myself. It’s because the universe wants to show us that we can do it. Each of the tasks we are individually faced with are going to be accomplished on our own and it’s just a way for us to learn more about ourselves and grow and become stronger Wild Women.

So I feel like I am wearing a sports bra with no support. It’s there. It exists. Just right now, I have on the low support option…and when the full support is in stock, I can exchange it (not that I need a full support sport bra in real life anyways).