This conversation happened today in a bathroom.

Arrine: If I eat poop and pee, will I die?

Kirsten: No, but it might make you sick. (Side note: Tee later reminded me that you really can die from ingesting faces, which I later corrected with Arrine.)

A: Why did Grandma Anne-Marie get sick?

K: I don’t know, Love. Sadly there are some types of sicknesses and diseases, that the doctors don’t know why you get sick. And Grandma Anne-Marie had one of those diseases.

A: How was she sick?

K: Her brain got really sick. So sick that it couldn’t keep her alive.

A: And then she died?

K: Yes.

A: Can we still see her?

K: No, we can’t still see her, but we can feel her with us still.

A: Where was she?

K: She was in a hospital and laying in her hospital bed.

A: Is she still in her bed?

K: No, Love. She’s not there anymore.

A: She disappeared?

K: When people die, there are different things you can do with the person who died. With Grandma Anne-Marie, we heated her up really, really hot, and her body turned to ashes.

A: What are ashes?

K: It’s like dust and dirt. And then we put her ashes in a field in the prairies.

A: Is it the most beautiful spot ever?

K: Yes, Arrine. It is the most beautiful spot ever.

A: Why are you crying, momma?

K: Because you are so sweet and ask the most lovely questions about Grandma Anne-Marie. And because I am sad and miss her.

A: I miss her too. What did she look like?

K: You know, we have pictures of her at our house.

A: Yah, I want to see them again.

K: We’ll look at them when we get home.

A: Can I have a hot chocolate?

And that’s when I gave her the biggest hug and kiss and carried on with life.