Women Who Run With the Wolves teaches us through story telling. Each lesson is highlighted by a particular story which is then analyzed and compared to today’s woman. The story of Bluebeard is about man who weds women and in the end, murders them and keeps their corpses in a hidden room in his castle. Sounds gruesome. But the lesson is that we women are faced with decisions, and many of the choices we make are made, knowing we are not making the best choice, but we still make it. So is the marriage with Bluebeard. A young girl knows she should not marry him, due to the instinct of herself and her sisters, but she pushes aside her reservations and agrees to marry him, as she longs to be married. There is more to the story, but in the end she learns the truth about Bluebeard and then defeats him with the help of her family.

The other day, Trisha sent me an excerpt of the book where it was describing Bluebeard. And she cautioned that she didn’t mean to offend me, but that she thought of me with this story. And I agreed. Bluebeard doesn’t have to represent us choosing certain men in our life, as the story is told, it can be about not being able to say “no” to work requests, or letting a certain family member take advantage of you, or not choosing the healthiest lifestyle because of excuses you make for yourself. It’s any situation you find yourself in, where you know you are making the wrong decision for yourself, and for whatever reason, you still make it.

Since Friday, I have been faced with three Bluebeard scenarios. And each time, it would have been easier and selfish and validating had I chosen to marry Bluebeard. But each time I chose to carry on alone, instead of in bed with Bluebeard. And it was hard. And challenging. But more satisfying knowing I made the right decisions for myself. And didn’t come up with excuses as to why I made the poor choice.

Although with one decision, I texted Tee and looked for confirmation that I was making the right choice. But she replied that I needed to make this decision for myself and I knew what was right.

To which I texted back, “Eff you Bluebeard!”