I’ve said it before, but the only time I really edit myself, is when other people are  involved in the situation. They haven’t chosen to share their lives on here, and if I do ever mention others in a significant way, I have asked for their permission first.

But, I HAD to write about this. Remember that book, Women Who Run With the Wolves?? That one that I can’t stop writing about and keeps showing itself to me in different ways? Well, the other day, my…ummm, friend…yes, my friend. Ummm, her name is Jane. Yah, Jane. That’s it. Well, Jane was telling me about her current struggles and I interrupted her and said, “You MUST read Women Who Run With the Wolves. It is about exactly what you are describing.” And Jane replied, “Oh yah, my therapist said that I should read that. I bought it already.” To which I said very loudly, “Get out!!!”

And then an older gentleman at the table next to us (we were outside) told me to be quiet.