My kindred spirit said that she had researched Women Who Run With the Wolves after my post expressing that I had no clue what I was reading. And that it was book that she wanted to read. This then came up with another girlfriend who also said she would read it. So I told them both I would buy them each a copy. Well one of them is all high and mighty with her Kindle or eReader or whatever those non-books are called and said she would get an electronic copy herself 🙂 . Kindred spirit reminded me the other day that I still hadn’t bought it for her.

So, last Friday I spent the afternoon in Chapters and planned on getting her this book. It’s her birthday today, so she now knows that I am using this book as part of her present – so there – but my time in Chapters was a gift that she gave me.

I looked up the title on the computer in Chapters to find where it would even be located in store. “Community & Culture”. I walk randomly and see a sales lady at a shelf, placing books. She is short. And petite. With dark hair and a powerful quietness to her. Maybe in her late 50s? Immediately I thought of my mom.

K: Excuse me, can you tell me where the Community & Culture section is?

Chapters Lady: Oh, you’re in it!

K: Oh… [starts to look at the shelves to gain orientation]

CL: What are you looking for?

K: Women Who Run With the Wolves.

CL: Oh! That is a classic. You will love it.

K: Well, I started reading it already, and now I am getting it for my friend.

And then I asked her more about the book. “You’ve read it? It’s considered a classic??? What did you think? What else would you recommend that is similar?” I told her that I found it on my mom’s bookshelf and started reading it, without really knowing what it was. And how she referenced it in her Master’s thesis, which was about women in Education and their journeys to administrative positions.

CL: Well, what does your mom say about this book?

K: She passed away so I can’t ask her anything about it. [And then I started crying.]

CL: Oh dear? How long ago?

K: 5 years at the end of this month.

CL: Well, I guess it doesn’t matter when she died. The hurt is always there. My mom just recently passed.

[And then she started crying.]

K: Oh, I am so sorry.

CL: Look, I am crying for you. And you are crying for me.

And then we turned back to the book and that was it about our moms.

I spent a good amount of time in front of that one, single shelf. Looking at other books. Reading passages from ones that looked interesting. Sitting right down on the floor, as I always seem to do in a book store. And she would check in on me, as she got her tasks done here and there.

And when it was time for me to leave, I found her to say thank-you and say good-bye.

Happy Birthday Tee. This is one of the many gifts you gave me.