Arrine and I have been in bed since 7pm. Both exhausted, but me, trying to be productive. Arrine, watching a movie. When I started to watch the video my dear friend Tee posted on her blog about her missions trip to Mexico in February, I asked Arrine to pause her movie. I explained to her what an orphanage was and how Tee went to help the kids. Arrine had heard of Mexico before, as her friend from daycare spent a family vacation there earlier this year. But I told her how this was a different part of the country that needed help. Please read her post and watch her video.

She snuggled in and we watched the movie. Arrine asked me who was singing and I told her it was Tee’s sister singing and playing the guitar. I told her what the words were saying and I cried. And I felt my tears collect on her soft, brown curls atop of her head. My tears were for how proud I am of my friend, for not really knowing how this journey changed her, for the smiles on the children who are so blessed but in different ways that we are, and tears for the people who take these children under their care.

And tears for missing my mom…