I had a creeper that I didn’t know about but now I know about!

I received the most precious gift the other day. An email from someone I never knew existed. They shared with me how they randomly came across my website four years ago and have been checking in every now and then, for the past four years.

There are so many lovely similarities we share or have connections with. For now, I will keep them tucked away in my vault (no peppermint schnapps for me), to respect their privacy and keep their thoughts and experiences between us.

But in the last email, they revealed how pleased they were when they read my post about letting my mom’s death no longer define me. And a feeling that I can’t describe overcame me. It was having the knowledge that someone out there, who I didn’t even know at all, was cheering me on, quietly and unannounced. It’s humbling. And encouraging. And gives me strength.

So I am very happy that they felt comfortable enough to reach out to me. All it took apparently, was my stripper post. Yah for people thinking I am a stripper!! See all the good this brings into my life??

I know I said that I wouldn’t share details about them. But I MUST share this. On the first email they said, and I quote, “…blow sunshine up your ass…”. Like how could I NOT want this person as a creeper??