Arrine and I got home later than usual today after work and daycare. We stopped at the grocery store for a few things before getting home. So while I was making a quick supper and putting away groceries and tidying – yes, my life is multitasking – Arrine was watching a bit of Frozen.

My hand was halfway to my mouth with a piece of roasted chicken when Arrine turned to me and said, with no previous discussion, “How did your mommy die?” I stopped. Put the chicken down, paused Frozen and went and sat by her on the couch.

I asked her why she was asking, and she just said that she forgot how she died. So I told her that my mom was sick and had a disease that the doctors couldn’t make better with medicine. And her brain was sick. And that’s how she died. And I told her that I missed her very much and I loved that she was asking about her. Because I love talking about her. Arrine then asked to see a picture of her. So I showed her some. And then I asked her if she had any other questions and she said, “No.” And started to hug Alby and that was it.

I am so blessed to have her as a daughter. I adore her. So much that my heart hurts.