So my mom’s birthday came and went this year. Past years I have been focused to write about it and do things that *she* liked to do. I took a different approach this year. I decided to do things that *I* like to do, turns out, they are pretty much what she would have done too. Haha. Go figure. But the mind frame was shifted, and that’s what is the important part.

Grandpa Charlie babysat the night before. So I got him to put Arrine to bed in my bed (that is very rare) because I wanted to cuddle with my kidlet all night. And since I wasn’t working the next day, we could sleep in together and have a lazy time waking up. Which we did. Then it was a bit of a rush to get her to daycare so I could make my 10:15am massage appointment. Then I had these plans to go shopping or go for lunch or make a pecan pie (I don’t think I have ever made one and there was a recipe in Canadian Living that looked amazing). But instead I came home, ate lunch, did laundry and some tidying, and then got into bed and watched hours of The Bletchley Circle on Netflix.

Then it was time to rush to my two dance classes for the night. And that was it! I like the idea of starting to celebrate it with Arrine and the rest of the family if the schedule allows for it. Just going for supper or something. I told Arrine it was Grandma Anne-Marie’s birthday and she thought that was cool, but there was no cake???? Confusing for an almost 4 year old.

Maybe next year when I don’t have dance in the evening…I guess we will see how I feel next year.

But look at this kid. How could you NOT want to cuddle with her on the eve of your dead mom’s birthday? 🙂

Arrine March 4, 2014