Arrine loves Cobs. It’s this delish bakery in our neighbourhood and she always asks to go. She loves the double chocolate scones and croissants. And the staff there are always so pleasant and friendly. Arrine always places her order and interacts with them on her own. There is a young man who was working there this weekend. I would guess he’s in high school and very personable. He asked Arrine how old she was and then more questions about her upcoming birthday party. He said he has younger sisters and that supported his easy connecting with Arrine.

Then he asked me, “Are you in education?” And I replied, “No. But both my parents were educators.” And he said, “Oh, that makes sense then. I have read studies about how children who have parents are teachers developed quicker and show increased intelligence. And your daughter is more advanced that my sisters.” 

And I said, “Oh. Ok. Thanks!” And then I ate my spinach and feta croissant without any guilt.

(Oh, and a shout out to my parents and Nick’s parents for making us and our daughter super smrt).