That title pretty much sums up my day.

This morning after dropping Arrine off at daycare and on my way to work, my car found its way between a stopped car and a light post, right up on a snow bank. The car in front of me stopped suddenly, I swerved to avoid rear ending the car and hit a snow bank. I only had inches on either side of me between the car and light post. Immediately i knew I would have to call AMA, because it felt like my little car’s wheels weren’t even touching  the road. But, after a few rocks forward and back, I was out. And amazed. And started to cry as I drove away, thanking my guardian angel.

After work Arrine and I were walking in a parking lot at the mall and an SUV started backing out fast and didn’t see us (or didn’t look). I was holding Arrine’s little hand and I yelled and pulled us both back, out of the way of the SUV. Another lady seeing it even cried out as well. So as we walked away unharmed and I was trying to slow down my heart rate, I thanked my guardian angel for the second time.

Then leaving the mall after picking up my laptop that needed work, I didn’t realize until we were walking outside that I left my laptop in the washroom! Poor little Arrine ran beside me, carrying her bubblegum ice cream as I raced back to the washroom, but with the concierge directly outside I saw it on the desk right away. Holy Hannah. Some kind woman found it and turned it into the desk for me. So for the third time, I thanked my guardian angel.

While walking back to the car, again, trying to settle down after the laptop incident, I thanked my mom and told her I owed her a lovely gift for her troubles today. Like wine.

Thanks mom. Love you.