It’s time for a rebranding. It’s time for the external to catch up to the internal. The major change with how I view my mom’s death now has had a positive ripple effect into the other branches of my life. And I need to acknowledge that on the outside so that first impression is a true reflection of who I am now.

Are you wondering what I have planned for this? Am I going blonde? Getting a new wardrobe?? Chopping off all my hair? Nope. I am going to rebrand the blog.

I now find myself wanting to write less about MY MOM and more about the general challenges I face in life with parenting, career, friendships, grief, relationships. Being a woman. And all of these things are connected to my mom. And she has instilled in me great lessons to help me through these times. But I no longer feel the need to only write about her and my grief. I think I can still help readers by not only focusing on the hard days. Actually, when I have a hard day, I no longer really want to write. My sadness has become more private to me now, since I let go of my mom’s death defining me.

So that’s what is swimming around in my head these days. I want to still have a spot on the website where I tuck away all the information about my mom – that I won’t get rid of. It just won’t be the highlight. And I need a new tag line for the blog as well. Let me know if you have any ideas. I have a few but none I love so far.

But I need new pictures. A new format. A new feeling to the site. I know it will take me a while to get there…but that’s my next goal.