Well, it’s that time of year again. To start preparing for the Annual amm Do Something That Scares You Day. Since this day’s inception by founder Miss Tee, there has always been a clear task that I have done that I was scared of doing at the time. This year? Not so much. For weeks I have been thinking about options. And they are either vetoed or not even really that scary. 

So I don’t know what that says about me and where I am at. There is always something you can do that’s outside your comfort zone, but there needs to be a purpose to it.

I have a couple of ideas, but they all seem pretty lame. What am I scared of? And is something that I can face in a day? All the things I know I need to work on are taking time and undergoing change over days, weeks, months. It’s not anything I can just do in one afternoon and then consider it an accomplishment.

However, I do have a fear of wearing shades of colours that don’t exactly match. This may sound vain and superficial, but I think it lends to my urge to have control over things and present perfection. I have a pair of patent candy apple red Arnold Churgin pumps and this amazing patent candy apple red Burberry clutch. But I can’t use them at the same time because the shade of red isn’t EXACT!!!

This came about recently when planning an outfit for an upcoming event. I showed Miss Tee the dress and accessory and then said, “But the pinks aren’t the same. I may need to find another dress.” To which she replied, “I know you have a thing about exact colour matching, but honestly, it looks amazing.” So maybe that can be my Do Something That Scares You. Oh my goodness. Wear two different shades of hot pink in public. Deep breath… I’m gonna do it.

Then on the Annual amm Do Something That Scares You Day I will just go for a massage and shop and read and go for lunch and drink wine…and then spend my night in the studio at class! Maybe I will make a cake too, or cookies. Or something. I have thought about doing that with Arrine for the last couple of years.

What are you scared of that you can face and conquer in one day?