It’s been only almost two months since I took a break from writing. And even then, I had a couple posts in there. I have been thinking a lot about writing during this break. How it affects me. How it affects those who read my words. Feeling the urge to write and then still not writing. Wanting to write but recognizing I would have been writing about the wrong topics and for the wrong reasons. So I didn’t.

But these last few months have given me significant progress. But I don’t want to make this leap too quickly back into writing. So I am going to write, pause, see how I feel, and then decided how to proceed. But to take the time to reflect so I don’t get into it before recognizing I am not ready to write again.

I remember one of mom’s dear friends Rojeanne saying to me, “You can stop writing you know, you don’t need to keep the blog going.” And at the time I thought, “That is so absurd. I will ALWAYS be writing about my mom.” I wish Rojeanne was still with us so I could tell her I now know what she meant. And thank her for the insight I wasn’t able to see at the time.

And I have thought about how my writing has and will shift. I find myself wanting to write less about “her” and more about death and motherhood and life – but still connected to her. Because she is a part of me. But the focus is not on HER.

I received such positive feedback from my last post. Mothers and non-parents private messaged me, texted me and emailed me. All words of thanks and encouragement and inspiration. And THAT is why I write. And why I should be writing. To share and inspire and be honest and through all that, hopefully help.

So that’s my blurb. And now I will write. And then pause.