A few days ago, Arrine went to bed insisting she lay on top of all of her blankets. So when I checked on her before I went to bed, I took the quilt that is made from my mom’s pjs (forever thankful, Vera) and tucked her in. The next morning she asked where the blanket came from and I told her.

Tonight, again, she wanted to lay on top of all her covers.

Arrine: Ok. Mom. When I am sleeping, put that other blanket on me.

Me: You mean wait until you are asleep and then tuck you in?

Arrine: Yes. And use that blanket with the squares.

Me: The one with Grandma Anne-Marie’s pjs?

Arrine: Yes….where is she again?

Me: She isn’t with us anymore. She became really sick and then she died. So I love that quilt because it’s like she’s hugging me.

Arrine: Was she old?

Me: Not really. She was a bit younger than Grandpa Charlie.

Arrine: Was she skinny or was she fat?

Me: Ummmm….she was average.

Arrine: So she was medium?

Me: Yes, she was medium. Do you have any other questions about her?

Arrine: Ummmm, nope!

And that was it.

So now I took quick peek in on her and I could hear her gentle snores from where I stood in the doorway, and will feel the love tuck her in when I lay that quilt on her later tonight.