Mom and I used to always make sugar cookies at Christmas. Well at least until I reached the age where I no longer wanted to decorate cookies with her. She had the best old school metal cookie cutters – an angel, Santa Clause, bell – and I can’t find them anywhere. So this year I went to Michaels and purchased my own holiday cookies cutters to use with Arrine – gingerbread man, snowflake, star, candy cane and Christmas tree. On Friday we made the dough and icing. I just used a sugar cookie recipe from, as it’s my go to spot for recipes, and used the Buttercream Icing recipe that mom gave me years ago, ripped from a Canadian Living magazine, that has now become my go to icing for all things that need icing!

Lesson Learned: sugar cookie dough is supposed to chill for an hour.

So on Saturday when I was getting everything organized to roll out the cookies and decorate them, I was walking around the house unable to find the food colouring I KNEW I had just had my hands on the day before. I looked everywhere it could have possibly been and not been. Finally I gave up and said, “Well, we’re just gonna have to use white icing for all the cookies.” And then I started to say something about, “I guess it wouldn’t be sugar cookies like my mom’s…” and Nick finished my thought, “If you could remember where you put the food colouring?” And then we giggled.

Turns out the cookies look much better with just white icing. Arrine had picked out Christmas sprinkles and pink shiny candy balls for decorations. And they are delish too!

Oh, and later that night Nick found the food colouring. Just on a shelf in the pantry…