So working on the Kirsten Redefined, I have been presented with scenarios in which I feel I am being tested. Tested to not let amm’s death define me. I had one about a month ago and was going to blog about it but then thought, “Does it defeat the purpose? Me sharing a moment of how I didn’t define myself? Because then I am kinda defining myself.” J So I never did. But then this past Monday, I was presented with THE EXACT SAME SCENARIO. And again, I chose to not say anything about my mom’s death. Even though, each time, the comment was said about a specific item that is directly connected to my mom dying. Maybe it was just my mom’s way of checking in on me and keeping me in line, because they really were the same comment about an obscure thing.

Well ya know what mom? You can go shove it!!! Cause I’m not falling for your little tricks to get me off my good path. LOL Just kidding.

Don’t get me wrong, I still talk about my mom and her death, but now only when asked directly about it. Or sharing a memory with someone who knew her and the situation called for it.

Woot woot!