With my new work I have received positive feedback from not only my supervisor, but my manager and an engineering lead. All from me just doing what I consider the basic tasks of my role. Once I am more comfortable with my position I feel I can really perform, but to get the recognition already of my skills is so welcomed. Which made me think about my previous work how how it lacked that.

I don’t want to slip into the area of validation, because that is where it becomes self destructive. I don’t think that ever applied with my work before, but there is a bit of a connection. However I think there is a significant difference between validation and recognition. For me at work, it’s the simple act of knowing I am doing a good job and someone acknowledging it.

Like my mom and her mints. Do you all know that story? 🙂

Here is the plant that my mom and dad gave me for my very first “real” job. It’s now in my new office. A previous coworker helped me cut it back and reroot some stems. It seems to be doing quite well.