I’ve been cooking a lot more these last few weeks. And it’s bringing me joy. And it made me have the thought, “Maybe my redefining has a bit of reclaiming too.” I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen. Perhaps my absence from this wasn’t all to blame on holding onto my grief. The transition into motherhood and finding the time and Nick being a great cook himself probably contributed.

I am still focused on quick meals and ones where I can make a big batch and save the leftovers. But recently Arrine helped me make my mom’s salmon patties (you can see my batch and her batch in the pic) and I now have a big batch of Karen’s pasta sauce simmering on the stove.

I tried to convince Arrine to help me make banana bread, but she was distracted by colouring. I’ll try again another day…

I find it amazing that the simple act of cooking is bringing me such satisfaction. And this is something I have done myself – no outside help.

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