This is what Arrine is getting for Christmas this year. My old Barbie Dreamhouse. And the clothes closet that Grandpa John built for me and outfits that Grandma ‘Leen sewed for me. Arrine loved playing with her cousins’ dollhouse and Barbies at Thanksgiving so I know she is ready for this. And I am excited for her.

I guess there are a few reasons for this choice of gift.
*We are trying to me more conscious of our spending and saving at Christmas time is welcomed.
*To show Arrine that gifts don’t need to be new for them to be given with love. And this will even be a lesson for me.
*To share with Arrine one of my all time favourite toys and the memories I had playing Barbies with my mom.
*To continue the tradition. When I was young, my cat Skamper would be the large mountain cat who would come check on Barbie because she was her friend. I hope Alby and Minos will do the same. Flop down right in the middle of where Arrine is trying to set up her Barbie house.
*To share with her the gifts my grandparents so lovingly gave to me.

So we’ll see how it goes. I hope Arrine is as excited as I was to get my Barbie Dreamhouse.

More pics to follow…


PS The Dreamhouse folds out into even more excitement!!