Well it’s done! After posting about getting the pieces cut out for Arrine’s Halloween costume, it took me a few more days before I had the time to actually start sewing it. I was determined to get it done in a day. That’s how I am with sewing. I just wanna get it all done and then be able to tidy up and feel super accomplished.

So at 5:00pm I started. And stopped at about 11:30pm, taking 15 minutes to have a bite of supper. amm used to always time how long it took her to complete her various sewing projects and I guess I like to do the same. I used to keep a sewing journal, just as she did, tracking how much all her material and notions cost, the time she spent, any alterations to the pattern she made, a bit of fabric from the project and a picture. I was good at doing this when I was in uni and up until Arrine was born. Then I just couldn’t find the time. Maybe someday I will get back to doing it…it is neat to look back at your work.

Nick was there for emotional support. And technical research. Because I only sew a couple times a year, it’s easy for me to forget some terminology or techniques. He Googled “slip stitch” for me so I could actually do it – I knew the reason for it, just not how to do it. And there was another term that I can’t even remember needing the definition of that he found for me. But what I liked best was reading a step to the pattern and then going to him for review, ya know, to confirm what I think I should be doing is what I should be doing. He’s a engineer and works in 3D all of the time – he should be able to read a bloody pattern for a kids costume if he can design down hole tools for the oil & gas industry and patent his designs. Right?? And normally he reassured me. Except when I hit step 22. While sitting at the sewing machine I handed him the pattern, “Here, read this while I finish this seam. I don’t know what I am supposed to do next.” My sewing machine hummed as I guided the fabric under the zigzag stitch. Thump thump thump thump thump. I finished the seam and looked over at him. He turned the pattern over and back to the front again and exclaimed, “Sometimes I feel like I am reading another language with these things!” And we both laughed.

We also laughed earlier in the night when I was just getting started. I was just getting all the pieces out and figuring how it was going to go all together. The pattern pieces had dots marked on them for future lining up the pieces but I hadn’t transferred them to the material. I was explaining this to him and he said, “You spent hours pinning and cutting out the patterns, but you didn’t even mark the fabric like you are supposed to? Why?” And my honest response was, “I’m lazy! …..my mom would be SO mad at me right now.” And then we both laughed.

But what matters isn’t that my mom would have been upset that I skipped a few steps due to laziness, it’s that Arrine has a Halloween costume that will stay together for her trick-or-treating, right???

I wish I had a better picture of her wearing it. The moment she got it on she was instantly a kitty. Crawling around on the floor and could only say, “Meow.” Fingers crossed she will sit still for a better pic on Halloween.

So may I present to you, Arrine’s 2013 Halloween Costume – A Yellow Kitty Cat With A Rainbow Tail.