It’s that time of year again – starting to prepare for Hallowe’en costumes. The other day on the drive home from daycare I was reminding Arrine of the upcoming holiday and what it all involves. Then I asked her what she wanted to dress up as for Hallowe’en…

Kirsten: So Arrine, you’ll have to tell me what you want to be for Hallowe’en! I am going to make you your costume.

Arrine: A kitty cat!!!

K: What colour kitty cat do you want to be?

A: Yellow!

K: Ok! I’ll make you a yellow kitty cat costume.

A: No, rainbow colours!!

K: Hrrmmm, it might be hard to make you a rainbow kitty costume. Maybe you could just have a rainbow tail. We’ll have to see what they have for fabric.

A: We could ask daddy to make the rainbow colours.

K: Ummm…yah. Well, we’ll see what kind of fabric we can get. And we will paint your face with a black nose and black whiskers.

A: Ok. I want to be a yellow kitty cat. With a rainbow tail. And a rainbow painted on my forehead. With a black nose and black whiskers!!!! [I am giggling at this all over again while I type this out. She is just amazing.]

Arrine has also told me she wants to come shopping with me to buy the pattern and material, so that will be an exciting adventure! Wish us luck!