amm always told me I was beautiful. But I always wanted to change some physical aspect about me – I think almost all women do at some point.

I wish my butt was smaller. 

I wish I had bigger boobs.

I wish my thighs were smoother. 

I don’t remember amm and I talking about my insecurities. Mostly I would just mention them and she wouldn’t give it much attention. Like it wasn’t worth discussing. Not in a demeaning way. Just in her amm way.

But I have finally caught up with amm’s view of me. I am beautiful. Period.

How do I know this? Well I now love my big butt and no longer try to hide it. I have accepted the size of my breasts and know they don’t define my femininity. So what if my thighs aren’t smooth. So what?

But what made me really realize that I love myself and my own unique beauty? While running up the stairs right now to get my hair straightener, I thought, “Man, I wish my hair was naturally straight because it’s such a hassle to straighten it all of the time.”

So if that’s all I wanna change physically about myself now because it takes time to do my hair…I have finally caught up with what amm had been telling me.

“Princess Kae, you are beautiful.”