I guess I had conveniently forgotten about my mother’s dying wish – for Julie and I to learn beadworking.

It was one of the first days our entire family was in North Battleford after the diagnosis and time in Saskatoon. amm was still speaking at the time although she was quickly declining and sleeping more and more. Anth, Julie, Nick and I had been at the house while dad was with amm. When we returned to the hospital amm was sleeping but Charles greeted us with great excitement. “Look!! Look”!!” He had written down what amm had been saying while we were away. Her words were becoming less and less, and we knew that when she spoke, it was something of significance that she wanted us to know. “Anne-Marie told me that she wanted Kirsten and Julie to learn beadworking!!” Silence from Julie and myself. Now although this would be a lovely art form to master, Julie and I probably wouldn’t put it at the top of our priority list. We replied, “Yah…sure….sounds good…beadworking.”

Later, after Charlie’s excitement settled down and we were by ourselves, Julie and I discussed, with humour of course. “Beadworking? Like c’mon mom. Why couldn’t your dying wish have been ‘Julie and Kirsten will travel to Greece together.’”? [Julie and I have always dreamed of Greece…] Even though I had no interest in this task, I was compelled to do something about it because it was amm’s wish. I thought about it…and then other bits of life consumed me and I never gave it any thought until…


I was at Fort Edmonton Park with Stacey and her two daughters and Arrine last week. The girls were going from building to building when we walked into one and I saw this:

beadmaking 1beadmaking2

And I actually said out loud, “Sh*t. Beadworking.” Because it was then I remembered amm’s wish and my lack of fulfilling it. However, amm didn’t put a timeline on this request AND seeing this reminder at the Fort had me think of other creative ways to achieve this desire of amm’s…but that’s for another post at a later date.

I don’t interpret this reminder as a scolding from Mommy Merle, but a mere reminder that she is with me…and mother’s never forget…and they are all-knowing. 🙂