Life is catching up with me. Work. Home. Friends. Being a mother. Cat. Life. I’ve felt this for a while now, just the inability to feel caught up. And I constantly find myself questioning how I can simplify my life, but I don’t have the answer yet.

And it’s been a while since I have been really weepy, but on Sunday night I had a good cry and started to blog about it, but couldn’t find the words, or the reasoning behind why I was writing. Never before have I thought about what my readers would want to read. But this time I caught myself second guessing myself – Who wants to read about me crying again? So I stopped writing.

Today I was crying throughout the day but this post isn’t about my tears. It’s about the simpleness of a girl missing her mom.

Tonight has been emotionally exhausting. And I’ve lost someone I never wanted to lose. And even though I have had a devoted friend guide and support me over these last few years, what I really need is…

to cuddle up in my mom’s arms, have her slowly run her fingers over my hair and hear her whisper, “Everything will be ok, Princess Kae.”