I’ve mentioned before how Grandpa Charlie was successful with Arrine having a sleepover at his condo. Well they did it again. And again, it was a success. He always says how Arrine is such a sweetheart and so well behaved and he loves having the time with her. And Arrine has no complaints either. Maybe because sleepovers with Grandpa always include him cooking her her favourite meal – shrimp and noodles – and trips to his pool, visits to the playground, treats from Tim Hortons & Dairy Queen and shopping! The last time Nick picked her up she had a new dress and hairband!

On Sunday Nick and I got to golf together while Grandpa Charlie was with Arrine the majority of the day. When I was expressing our thank-yous and gratitude to him for helping us out he just said that he loves to be with Arrine. And how him and mom had talked before she died and how they had planned to do this once they moved to Edmonton. Help out with the grandkids however they could.

Grandpa Charlie said that this is what Grandma Anne-Marie would have been wanting to do and loving it so…he’s just doing the job of two.