Arrine had her first sleepover with Grandpa Charlie on Friday. I picked her up after daycare and drove her to his condo with an overnight bag and toys that she had helped pack.

When telling her about the upcoming sleepover earlier last week, she asked, “But what about my bed? Where will I sleep?” And she was delighted to learn that she got to sleep in a big bed at Grandpa’s.

Grandpa Charlie had made shrimp and noodle stirfry for supper – Arrine’s favourite – and there was no fuss dropping her off. She practically shooed me out the door. And in those moments of dropping her off, I had a flashback to when amm and dad would drop Anth and I off in Regina with Baba and Papa. And all the time we spent in their little places over the years and the food and adventures and the fair and the hot summer days and the bus rides to the mall and our cousin Lise.

And I left a happy girl with her Grandpa and didn’t hear from them until I picked her up the next day. Then I heard about their time in Grandpa’s swimming pool and how she went to bed so well and the treats at Tim Hortons and the playground and McDonalds. And seeing how happy Grandpa Charlie was about it made it even better. He said he would love to do it again (yah!!) and how having all that time with her really allowed her to open up to him, as opposed to seeing her for a few hours here and there. He told me how she crawled into his recliner with him while he was watching golf (wait – why are you watching golf??) and how she hugged his leg so tight while standing in line at Tim Hortons.

And it was a time for me to not forget that Arrine is blessed to have a Grandpa Charlie and not focus on her missing out on Grandma Anne-Marie. Because I know the time she has with Grandpa, he will be sharing Grandma Anne-Marie with her too.