Grandma ‘Leen gave this dress to Arrine, I think maybe for Christmas two years ago, but it was a bit too big at the time. It now fits her perfectly. And Arrine only wears dresses or skirts. No pants. So when it was cool on Monday I suggested she wear this dress from Great Grandma ‘Leen because it had long sleeves. At first she was a bit resistant because the dress was new to her, but she quickly agreed and put it on.

Now, on this particular morning, we were running late. Arrine has had a bad cough and she was coughing during the night. I woke with a sore throat. Alby had been sick during the night. And I was asking Arrine to hurry up getting ready because we were late. When I walked into her room I found her sitting next to her bed on the floor, deeply focused on the two buttons at the top of her dress. My initial reaction was to go to her and say, “Arrine. Let me do the buttons up for you,” because she can’t do buttons herself yet. But for some reason I didn’t interrupt and went into the bathroom to get her toothbrush ready. And then she walked into the bathroom with the hugest, proudest smile, not saying anything. But when I looked at her buttons, they were done up. And I squealed, “Arrine!! When did you learn to do up buttons??” And she replied, “Just now.”

I was so proud of her. And proud of myself for giving her the chance to accomplish what she was intent on figuring out, even though we were late.

I think Grandma ‘Leen helped Arrine do her buttons for the very first time.