When Jessica’s daughter Madiysn was born, amm bought her a little tea set when she was traveling in Montana. I remember Jessica brining Madisyn to the hospital when I was there with amm and her having such mature questions for such a young girl. And they were hard to answer, but Jessica and I did our best through tears.

And after amm passed away and Arrine was born, Jessica returned the little tea set to me. It was like amm had bought it for Arrine too, and I cried. And was thankful to be so blessed with such thoughtful friends.

The little tea set has been packed away in Arrine’s closet, I guess waiting until I felt she was ready to play with a real tea set. But the other day I came home and found Arrine playing with the tea set. And I asked her, “Arrine! Where did you get that tea set??” And she replied, “From my closet.”

So I told her the story of Grandma Anne-Marie buying it for Madiysn and then Jessica giving it back to us.

And then we had some tea.