I have been so absent from blogging. Again, not because I have nothing to say – I just don’t have the time to write. And again I feel frazzled. But I have come to accept these times and work on not letting the lack of time to write affect me too much. I have lots to say, just need the time to focus and type.

But tonight, Anth and Julie and I had a really good chat. And Anth reminded me of something amm used to say. She would tell us that one of her favourite things was hearing her children’s laughter. From us at 2 months old up until we were older, and “adults” congregating from our new homes in cities far away, at little 8907 in NB.

I can picture it now. Anth and I and whatever friends were over at the time, in the living room and laughing. Laughter was always around us. And amm would be in the kitchen, out of sight, making us snacks and prepping our drinks, waiting on us, and just listening. And once her work was done, she would come join us.

So tonight while Anth and I laughed together, I thought of amm, and how she was most likely listening to us, while off somewhere making a fabulous appetizer.