I long to dream of amm. But I have only had a few dreams of her since her passing. And although I love to see her while I slumber, I have never been able to see her face, and it’s agonizing.

Well….amm has decided to visit me via my friends’ dreams. Last Wednesday I received this email from Trisha. I contemplated editing it, or not sharing the details, as I have yet to decide how to interpret the dream for myself. And have hesitations how others will interpret it as well. But when I woke up this morning and read yet another amm dream from another friend, I knew I had to share. So here they are.

amm is sending me messages. Please keep the dreams coming, Mom.


Hey Kir,

Last night I had a dream that I saw your mom and she was a ghost.  I was at your house and you weren’t there.  She came to me and we talked.  She wanted to move all of her stuff from her house into your house.  She wanted to get rid of her place.
I offered to help, but her being ‘ghost-like’ gave her the ability to move everything over in an instant. There were tons of old letters for you, old clothes, and old photos.  The clothes were marked and tagged to be sold. It was what your mom wanted.  The biggest thing she was telling me was that it was time for you to move on.  She was getting rid of her place for that very reason.  So you couldn’t hold onto the past anymore. Because she was no longer there.
Then you came home with a very old friend and I tried explaining to you that it was your mom who put all that stuff in your place.  Your friend didn’t believe me and she tried to sway you to that belief. I remember that you were upset because you said the notes that were left from your mom were not in your mom’s handwriting. I couldn’t explain it, because I saw your mom do it. But, I also knew she was a ghost. Anyway, you were struggling really hard with the fact that it was your mom who was telling you it was time to move on, and you were angry with me.  I recall starting to question if it really had been your mom or if I had blacked out and did it all myself. I thought I was may be going crazy because who would believe it was a spiritual force and not a person?  You wanted to believe me, but your old friend was holding you back from accepting that it was time to move on.
And that was my dream last night. I find it interesting that there always seems to be writing in dreams when it involves you and your mom.  And there was tons this time.  But it wasn’t for me to read.
I had a dream I had to share with you as soon as I woke up!
You were in it, and so was your mom. Your mom was teaching a marriage and baby prep class and we all had to share something helpful. When it was your turn, you did a pole dance and your Mom was cheering like crazy. One of the people in the class asked why the teacher was so excited about your pole dancing and someone else said,
“Because its her mom and she super proud of her.”
For reals. I had to share the minute I woke up in case I forgot
Each time I read these messages from my mom, the tears flow and I let them fall without wiping them away. Thank-you Trisha and Kirstin for being my mom’s vessel.
I hope to hear from someone about their dream next Wednesday too…