Albatross is still with us. The vet “doesn’t think” that he has cancer. The biopsy didn’t show the cells to be cancerous, but at the same time, they couldn’t rule it out. However “he’s not dead yet”, and with his weight loss over the last half a year, we would expect him to be dead already if it was cancer.

So…we are taking the route of treating him for inflammatory bowel disease and hope we get some positive results. Albratross is now on a hypoallergenic food, is taking steroids twice a day to reduce the inflammation in his digestive tract and I will be giving him vitamin B shots once a week. Alby is hungry and wants to eat. Before he couldn’t keep anything down. Now he is having trouble making to the litter box in time. I hope that’s just a side effect of the new food and once his tummy is accustomed to it, he will be back to normal in that regard.

But when I was at the vet yesterday, he reminded me, that even though it is good news that the chances of cancer is very low, if we can’t get his bowel movements normal and him gain more weight – as he is still losing weight – I will need to consider his quality of life and may have some tough decisions ahead of us.

Albatross isn’t giving up yet though – he still gets into mischief and enjoys cuddles whenever he can get them.