I need your assistance, Catholics.

This past weekend I was in Vegas and was chatting with some gentlemen from Boston. They asked about my Blessed Be tattoo and I told them the story. No details about how amm passed away, just that she had died and then told them the detailed story of the tattoo.

When I mentioned she had died they each said something to me. And that’s what I need your assistance on. I can’t remember exactly what they said. But it was something like “May God rest her soul” or “God bless her” or “May she rest in peace” or ????

They also each poured a bit of the drink they were holding onto the ground, saying it was for my mom.

But it was loud around us and distracting and not the easiest to ask them to explain what they had done. Except now I wish that I had.

So Catholics? Can you help a girl out?

What zee heck happened?

Oh. And I am totally assuming they were Catholic.