I found these letters among the photo albums…

How I have loved to read these letters. Some insight into our lives at a time I wished I could ask amm about now.

I became teary when reading her describe me – because that is how I would describe Arrine. Exactly. And right now, Arrine loves to play “you’re the baby and I’m the mommy”. Her Uncle Robbie & Auntie Candice took her to see Raffi for her birthday. Arrine wants to have a “long pony [pony tail] like you, mommy”. She is ALWAYS jumping off of furniture and calling “watch me!” and insists on dressing herself.

And it was very sweet to hear about how Anth would walk me to the sitters. I just have memories of him torturing me when I was small… 🙂

And her committment to education for herself and how it would better her family. And the sacrifices she made to achieve those goals.