Arrine and I were at Grandpa Charlie’s for a swim. Then I found the photo albums and decided to flip through a really old one. I took copies of these pictures of amm when she was just little with her dad, Grandpa John.

Gosh. Wasn’t he handsome? Look at his face in the third picture – his look actually made my heart skip a beat.

IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240 IMG_4242


Later when Arrine was looking at these pictures, she would point to amm and say, “That’s me!” And I replied, “No! That’s Grandma Anne-Marie when she as little with Great-Grandpa John – her daddy.” But she insisted with each pictures she saw. “That’s me! That’s me!”

And I wondered…is this small child just saying childish nonsense….or was she trying to tell me something?