Grandma ‘Leen loved Scrabble. And she was amazing at it. After she passed away, Auntie Lesley and Uncle Stephen sent me some of her things. The Deluxe Turntable Scrabble board I bought her one year was included. When I presented her with the new game, she gave me her well used version in return. I love it and the hand-sewn purple bag for all the letters.

Her things have been sitting for over half a year, waiting for me to go through them. But I haven’t been able to. I will say that just last week I moved them from the front door to the living room, so I am making progress…

And then. It happened. Arrine spotted the Scrabble game and asked it what it was. I explained to her that it was her Great Grandma ‘Leen’s favourite Scrabble game. She opened the box and I explained the rules of the game. She asked questions. I answered. And she played Scrabble while I read Canadian Living. It was a lovely time spent together. And this time of year, when I am reminded of last year and where Grandma ‘Leen was at, it was the perfect time to open up her Scrabble game. When Arrine opened the box I could smell her.

I am sure Grandma ‘Leen will help Arrine with all her future Scrabble games…I think we have another Scrabble enthusiast.

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