Wayne’s World is one of my all time fav movies and I love referencing it in real life situations. There is a scene where Garth is working on this mechanical arm and his television producer is explaining to him about upcoming changes to his and Wayne’s tv show. His response? “We fear change.” I wish I could find an English version of the clip, but all I could find was this one in French. I think you’ll still get the idea.

waynes_world (2)

I am becoming better at not placing so much emphasis on the fear connected to change. Change is what you need to keep moving forward. I haven’t figured out if change that is not your choosing is harder, or easier, than change you create for yourself.

Either way, I feel I am in a significant period of change in all aspects of my life. But I can simplify all the change down into the relationships that I share with those around me, whether it’s with friends, family, co-workers or those that are in the peripheral.  

There are three ways I have lost people I care about. They die. They choose to leave our relationship. I choose to leave the relationship.

They all create feelings of loss and hurt, but it just comes from a different place. Some hurts more than others.

Right now I feel that I have lost such important people in my life, that my current relationships are transforming and that I need to work on being open to new relationships. It’s exhausting.

But in this time of change I have turned to music, as I always do when I am struggling. If you have not purchased Megalithic Symphony by AWOLNATION yet, please do. These songs have been in my car, earphones at work, when I am at home. It’s just damn good music. It makes me cry, smile, reflect, remember. Move.

I would link the entire album to this post. But this song actually makes me move.


There are certain hits in the song that I can not sit without isolating my rib cage side to side. Can you hear it?

Ok. But back to change.

I need it.