Yesterday at work we had a Coffee Pot session with our President. It was an opportunity for a smaller group of employees to come together with our President, listen to his thoughts and updates on our company, as well as have a more personal dialogue with him about any topics that we felt needed addressing.

Such as: Recognition. It’s something that he felt we need to focus on with our employees, as well as project teams once a project has been completed. I agree strongly with this, but I have been struggling with getting the support/approval to recognize my project teams when I feel they need recognition. And the acknowledgement. And the thank-you. So there seems to be a disconnect somewhere between the President and me. Afterwards a few of my co-workers were chatting about the session and I expressed that I didn’t agree with needing to get approval for a project celebration and that the celebration is dependant upon the budget vs. actual costs spent. Even if a project is over budget, the majority of the time there are acceptable reasons for the additional dollars spent and that doesn’t mean that a project wasn’t successful, nor deems it not worthy of celebration. I also said that it doesn’t take thousands of dollars for a project celebration – just the recognition is significant enough. Even if it’s a gift card to Tim Hortons. It shows that the time and effort was made to say thank-you.

Which brought me to the mints. amm was highly regarded in her professional career. And I learned something new about her when she was ill and in the hospital. Many teachers and administrators told me how on the first day of each school year, amm would bring mints for the staff. And these people who told me about the mints were deeply appreciative of them and remembered their significance and it was important enough to share with me. Mints. MINTS!! It doesn’t take money to show your appreciation.

That small gesture of amm going to the Co-op each year and buying some mints, taking the time to organize them for each of the schools and most likely writing a little note to go along with them, was such a small act that created an immense impact.

Mints. All I wanna do is give some mints to my project teams.