When amm was ill I had the idea getting a tattoo of something for her. The idea and wording and location has evolved over the years and I finally decided on something. But I didn’t get to this final decision on my own.

For probably about the last year I have been thinking more about getting it done. But I still never did anything about it. I made a call for one tattoo artist recommendation…and then nothing. Talked about it a lot. But then didn’t do anything about it. My friend Trisha found a way to make your own temporary tattoos on Pinetrest so I could try out my different ideas…but I never did.

Then a few weeks ago, Trisha said to me, “So what are you doing on your mom’s birthday?” I replied, “I am sleeping in.” She said, “No! You have to do something that scares you!” And I replied, “I’ll get up early.” But then, I said, “Get my tattoo.” And that was it. I was committed.

So I felt the pressure of making a decision on the design and location and sizing. And it did scare me. But it was what I needed. So with the help of Trisha, Nick and Ryan, then some last minute input from Brando, I made the decision.

I decided on Blessed Be and in my mom’s handwriting. I dropped off one of amm’s journals with Amy at Shades of Grey Tattoo and she said she would see if she could piece together the words. But she did warn me that handwriting can be very difficult to recreate if you don’t have the actual words. I told her that I understood and that I had a second option if her handwriting didn’t work out. Old typewriter font. This was an idea that came to mind because I had the thought of amm writing on her old typewriter. And how she loved writing. And how I loved to use that typewriter as well. I had even looked up Old Typewriter Font online and found one that I liked.

One of my pole instructors gave me Amy’s recommendation but the tattoo shop was closed on amm’s birthday. I didn’t let that stop me though. I made the appointment for Wednesday and knew that amm would understand.

Before my appointment, I went grocery shopping. I entered the grocery store and ABBA’s Mama Mia was playing through the speakers and I smiled. That was a good sign.

Amy gave me the news that she couldn’t make amm’s writing work. Since I had mentally prepared myself for that being a possibility I was ready to go ahead with the typewriter font idea. Amy did a search herself but instead of using “old typewriter font”, she just searched “typewriter font”. The one I found came up first and I said, “Yah, I like that one. Could you just make a few changes to it?” And Amy said, “Well, let’s keep looking at other fonts.” She scrolled down the page, each font’s name showing the detailed letters, and then we both stopped. We both saw a font that we loved. Enough to make us giggle and smile at each other. “That’s it.” I said. And held back the tears. The name of the font?

Mom’s Typewriter

And that was it. In less than an hour I had Blessed Be on my arm. And I love it.

Blessed Be

But it didn’t end there. That night when I got home I had received two messages from girls that I had not spoken to in a long time or still had a connection with – or so I thought. And they both shared their thoughts about my mom and the blog. Lovely, perfect messages. And as my friend Ryan said, “I don’t think it was a coincidence, Kir.”

I didn’t get to this place on my own. I had/have a wonderful support system, guiding me and keeping me on track and helping me make things happen. And I am forever grateful. Unbelievably grateful. So thank-you. Thank-you.

Blessed Be