I have struggled with motherhood and not having amm here with me for support and guidance. But I try to draw upon what she taught me over the years she was with me and try to remember how she did things as a mother when I was younger.

Although I love my career and enjoy working at an office while Arrine is in daycare, I do feel the pressure and guilt of this situation. Even though I do believe I am a better mother for it, it would be comforting if amm was able to tell me that she supported my decisions and to reassure my work life / personal life choices.

The other day I opened a box of her journals. And there, sitting on the top of her journals, was this email printed off. The email is dated June 7, 2004 and I had emailed amm about a discussion I had with male coworkers and their views on motherhood and single parenting. Her advice in the email is what I needed to hear from her today.

Advice From The Past

amm childcare email