amm would have had red milk for my breakfast this morning (just milk with food colouring). And she would have had a little loot bag full of Valentine’s day treats.

But I woke up to no red milk. And a Valentine’s Day care package did not arrive for me this year. Instead, I have started doing these things for Arrine.

Our new morning routine is for me to make us smoothies – just bananas, plain yogurt and some ice. On the weekends, I treat Arrine and sneak in a few chocolate chips. This morning I let her put in pink and red Smarties into her smoothie. It’s not red milk, but it’s close.

Tonight I will let her open her loot bag – full of a Valentine’s Day t-shirt and book, and some bath fizzies, Disney Ariel hairbrush, heart stickers, a little heart balloon and Crayola floss picks (she always want to floss her teeth when she sees me flossing).

This morning when dropping her off at daycare, she had already sat down for her morning snack – waffles and milk. I gave her a kiss and said good-bye and then she said, “No. 5 kisses, Mommy.” And she proceeded to give me 5 kisses and count each one out.

What a lovely way to start my Valentine’s Day – 5 milk mustache kisses.