Tonight I came home just when Grandpa Charlie was upstairs with Arrine and it was bath time. He is such a great help on nights when Nick and I have other commitments. I love opening the door and the first thing I hear are Arrine’s giggles and Grandpa Charlie’s goofy antics. I almost feel a bit guilty eavesdropping on them. But it is so sweet. And it makes my heart smile. And I feel good. I feel good. And I just want to listen. And I don’t interrupt until she is in her pj’s. Then I take over reading books, snack, brushing teeth and tucking into bed.

I love this time that dad has with Arrine. He loves her so much he cries sometimes, recounting his time with her to me.

Tonight I made chicken fingers ahead of time for supper, so Grandpa Charlie could just heat up the chicken fingers and serve them with some potato wedges. When I told him what was on the menu, he paused and then asked quietly, “Are they the one’s mom would make? With the cheese and bread crumbs?” And I said, “Yes.”

So when I got home tonight, and Grandpa Charlie was telling me about their night, he shared that he almost couldn’t eat the chicken fingers. He hadn’t eaten them since mom passed away. And he became teary. He said, “Mom taught you well.” And then he asked me what kind of chicken I use so he could bring me over chicken, make him a big batch, and then take them home and freeze them. 🙂

You should try them. They are delish. Oh, and I now just cook them using cooking spray  – not as greasy.