And here is my help. Messages started bombarding me after my Darling Don’t Cry post… I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

-One time B told me to stop yelling.  Seriously, it happens to us all.

-I think Arrine will appreciate that you are not perfect. It gives her permission and safety to screw up, knowing her own mom messes up, too, but seeing how it doesn’t change how much she is loved.
When J was just over 2 we could not leave the house in the morning until she counted the ornaments on the Christmas tree, or she would have to be first going down the sidewalk to the street.  She would scream if it we didn’t do things her way.  Finally I realized that if I just let her do these things, it was much easier to get out the door, even if it meant I had to walk back up to the house to let her go first. I thought I was giving in and she would always need her own way, but eventually she grew out of it.  Not sure what your mornings are like but sometimes I think you just have to let them “be”. I’m sure you are doing a great job! I keep saying that I am not supermom… all we can do is try our best and I’m sure you are!

-I stroll in late a lot. I was just trying to figure out how to write something like this! This made me cry because I’ve been there. And I didn’t want to be. You know? It’s a struggle. Is work worth it? Somedays- no. But I look at it this way- if I did stay home and raise him I might be nuts by now- so working makes me more conscientious of my actions in our precious, precious times together.

-I just read ur post 😦 don’t feel like a bad mother at all. We have ALL been there and if someone says any different they are lying lol. W one time told me as he was crying covering his face “mom u b nice to me now”, made me feel horrible.

-I am certainly not the guru of parenting but with 16, almost 17 years of being a mom I can tell you that there will be times that you know you should win the parenting hall of fame award and there will be times without a doubt that you feel you should have your mom card taken away. You are an amazing mom and you have to give yourself permission to not always be perfect. Children are trying and as they make their way in the world they will challenge your ideals, you patience and sometimes your entire way of thinking. But if you continue to give them your love unconditionally they will also forgive you and they too will learn the power of love and forgiveness. Have an amazing day!! You deserve it.

-The fact that you felt this strongly about how your morning went speaks volumes about how good of a Mom you are.

-This made me cry. I have been in your shoes so many times. Said things I can’t take back. Let them see me enraged and I felt sick after. I know how you feel. My heart aches for you. Being a mom challenges me to the core and I feel like I come up short in so many ways. But I love my kids and I keep trying and I know I will need their forgiveness time and time again.

-You are truly an amazing person Kirsten Kae Merle. Thank-you for touching my life…xoxoxox

-We are all at that point sometimes. That’s because (sorry to have to tell you this) we are human. A will grow up knowing that people sometimes make mistakes. Our job as parents (teachers, humans) isn’t to show our children what it’s like to never make mistakes, it’s to show our children how to own up to our mistakes and how to make it right in the future. Today will be better, I promise. Love to you from another imperfect mother…