Here are pictures of the green box that Marlene received and her telling me about her visit from amm through the green box.

“Rec’d the green box yesterday… The first thing I opened took my breath away…the notepad. Her words on paper alongside a picture of RED roses!!! The second package gave me shivers…the flower arranger. On Monday Claire and I went to a greenhouse and while browsing in the gift shop I was drawn to a display of these flower arrangers. Claire needed a tutorial on how thy worked and when I was done, he said that they were a very clever idea. I am beginning to believe that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for all the rest of the goodies in the box. I had the feeling that AMM put this box together…but wait…you ARE a part of her and the older you get you will find that you will become more and more like AMM…and how lovely is that! I have all the stuff on the dining room table and when I walk by I open up the shea butter and sniff and recall a very brave soul…and get tears in my eyes. Once again, thank you so much for my green box and for all the thoughtful things that you included.

Love and Hugs


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