I don’t have a lot of memories of going to the movies with amm, but that was never really her thing. She would have rather spent the afternoon reading a book. But I’m pretty sure the first movie she took me to was Care Bears: The Movie.

I have been wanting to take Arrine to see a full length feature film for a couple of months now. I felt that she was ready to at least attempt it – with full expectations going in that I may be leaving after 20 minutes of being in the theatre.

In the last number of weeks I would check to see what’s playing, but there hasn’t been any kid movies that I think she would like or even be appropriate. But when I was home with her over the holidays, an IMAX movie came up in my search – Flight of the Butterflies. Perfect.

The timing worked out well, as we had just had a lazy morning, eating a late breakfast at 10:30am and the movie was at 1:00pm. Just enough time to get Arrine organized and drive to the Telus World of Science. And eat popcorn for lunch. (Don’t judge me  – I packed along grapes, cheese and water too.) This may have been the first time Arrine had popcorn. First she told me she had eaten popcorn before. The next minute she told me it was her first time trying it. 

So there we were – Arrine and me – going to see a movie. What’s nice about an IMAX movie was that they are short – only about 45 minutes – so it was a perfect first movie for Arrine.

Ahead of time I explained to her the two main rules about watching a movie in a movie theatre:

1. No talking. Except if you have to tell Mommy you need to pee or are asking for water. And even then it has to be a whisper.

2. You must stay seated and not squirm around. Moving around in your chair will disrupt the other people watching the movie.

And I was prepared to leave the theatre if she wasn’t able to follow both of these rules. We reviewed them a few times leading up to the movie.

So we found our seats and sat down. We got settled in, organizing the popcorn and water bottle. The lights were still on and there was nothing on the screen. I begin saying something to Arrine and she interrupts me – “No talking, Mommy.” Can you hear the attitude in her voice? Can you? Now where does she get that from??

I realized I needed to be more specific with my rule explanation. Rule #1 of No Talking only applies when the movie is actually on and playing, not at all times when you are inside the movie theatre whether or not the movie is playing. 🙂

As for the movie itself, what could have been more fitting than butterflies? The story was quite moving. It told the story of a Toronto researcher spending his life learning about the migration of the monarch butterfly. And when his research was proven and confirmed, after decades of work, I became so emotional that I almost started crying. I don’t know if it was because I was sharing this first experience with Arrine or it was amm or just hormones. Doesn’t matter I guess…

What does matter is that every now and then, Arrine will look up at me and ask, “Remember when we went to see the butterfly movie?” And I smile and reply, “Yes, I do remember going to that butterfly movie with you, Arrine”.

Flight of the Butterflies