I have memories of making stained glass crafts with amm. You know the kits…the ones with the metal frames in the different shapes with the little packages of small, plastic beads and then you melt it in the oven?

Santa had one of these kits for Arrine in her stocking. And yesterday we made it. Ok. I made it, but with Arrine’s input. All Arrine wanted to do was cut the kit’s packaging with her own scissors. It may look like Arrine made it due to the colour-smooshing between the sections, but I am blaming it on a curved baking sheet and needing to reposition the frame.

Arrine and I made the stained glass heart. And then we gave it to Grandpa Charlie and he hung it in his window.

And amm was with us for craft time.

IMG_3269 IMG_3270