This has become one of my favourite Christmas traditions. The exchanging of the Green Christmas Box. Marlene sent me this box the year mom passed away. It was their tradition to send it back and forth each year with goodies inside for one another. Now we send it to each other.

This year I was treated to gifts from Marlene’s travels across the United States. She also upheld the tradition of sending me a book in a mystery series, C is for Corpse. As I have mentioned in other posts, I went through a phase of not reading anything, which made me quite behind in my reading pile. But just the other day I took out two books. One I started two nights ago and the second is A is for Alibi, the first book Marlene sent me. It’s next up. It will feel good to finally ready these books.

I also received two other books that are so very special, I am going to wait and write about them in another post as they will deserve their very own mention. Plus I want time to really go through them and then reflect.

Arrine also received a few treats. I was worried that she was going to get more presents than I was!! I remember when Julie joined our family. When I got home for Christmas I would count the presents under the tree, making sure that she didn’t have more than me. 🙂 In a very friendly way of competition. She never did have more..but she defo equaled me by the end of the NB Christmases, but since I love her so much, I was ok with it. But Arrine normally does get more presents than me already…

I’ll let the pictures share the joy I received from opening this year’s Green Christmas Box… a few are fuzzy…Arrine was “helping”. 🙂

IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314 IMG_3316 IMG_3318 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326 IMG_3327 IMG_3328 IMG_3329 IMG_3330 IMG_3332 IMG_3333 IMG_3336 IMG_3339 IMG_3340 IMG_3341 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3345 IMG_3346 IMG_3347 IMG_3349 IMG_3350