I will always remember the first time I ate a restaurant alone. And I remember telling amm about it and her commending me on it. For something that seems so simple, it can make you feel quite vulnerable. But she, as do I, felt/feels that it is something that every lady needs to be able to do. At least once.

Today is the Winter Solstice. The day in our year marking rebirth and new beginnings. A day that amm always celebrated. Over the years I have found my own ways to pay respect to Mother Earth and this year, I am enjoying a lovely glass of white Greek wine, siting at a table at my fav Greek restaurant. Alone.

I have had many conversations with my friend Trisha about being “alone”. It can have varying definitions. amm loved her alone time. She was always content to have her own space and time to curl up and read or sew or go on walks. She was content with being alone.

So tonight I am embracing aloneness. Even though I have become teary just writing that out. Alone. Maybe it’s ok to be alone, as long as you don’t feel alone? Working on it…

Koutouki Taverna was a place I brought amm to many times. And at her Celebration of Life, we had it catered by its sister restaurant in Saskatoon. So that is how I am celebrating the solstice this year.

amm. White wine. Reading. Prawns (her fave). Being alone. And working on being alone but not feeling alone.

Happy Winter Solstice. Cheers.