amm introduced me to the arts. And showed me how to fall in love with the theatre. I have such vivid memories of the first ballet amm took me to – The Nutcracker at the Saskatoon auditorium. Was it called the Jubilee back then?

I was wearing my Annette’s School of Dance jacket and one of the ballet company staff saw me in it. They stopped me and brought me a signed pair of pointe shoes from one of the dancers. I still have them. And spent many hours playing pretend with them. And although we never had lots of extra money growing up, amm always found a way for us to enjoy the theatre.

Today Arrine had her first theatre experience. Max & Ruby – The Nutcracker Suite (a kids bunny cartoon show). Without knowing how a 2 year old would do, I had prepared myself to be ready to leave at any moment if Arrine wasn’t doing well.

But she sat and watched the entire 1 1/2 hour show. And clapped after each dance. And pointed to the stage and shared her joy at what she was seeing.

She sat on my lap for almost the entire show. Maybe in the last 15 minutes she wanted to stand and spin. But she still stood and watched intently.

In the car ride home she said, “Turn around. I wanna see the bunnies again.” And later, “I wanna go see Max & Ruby again.”

Thank-you amm for taking me to the ballet. Arrine thanks you too.