I love Law & Order: SVU. And the episode I watched last night had some good connections to amm. Not only did we use to watch the different Law & Orders together, last night there was mother who was dying from brain tumours. And the tumours caused her to mix up her words. The mother was admitting to a murder that her teenage daughter committed – and the detectives knew.

While in her hospital bed, the mother said to the detectives, “So many people talk about how it’s sad that I won’t see my daughter graduate or miss seeing her get married. But those aren’t the things a mother really wants. A mother wants to protect her child. Let me protect my daughter one last time.”

The detectives then left the room, and watched the daughter enter and crawl into bed with her mom. Side by side in the hospital bed. Just as amm and I were.

I can still feel amm protecting me. How could she not? It’s what mothers do. Protect their children.